May 2017 Financial Report

With every consecutive month the Lord meets the needs in His faithfulness through prayer, not worldly means, it’s His doing and not ours.

We are trying to learn how to present our needs to the Lord, and depend continually on Him and not to others. That way it is by the Lord’s means that He is faithful, not because we were convincing or had the right connections. Because of our desire to see Him work, on our summaries, you will find that we state what the past needs were and how the Lord fulfilled them. He knows what the next month holds, and we must wait for Him to answer our needs.

As we go into June once again, the Lord has been faithful to meet all the financial needs. We were again short money for the rent, but with donations the last week and what the residents had paid in rent we had enough to cover all the rent checks, with not much more left. We know that we will always have to depend on the Lord’s faithfulness to meet the monthly financial needs, because the income from residents fees has been less than our total bills.

In October, Harry Fisher moved into one of the houses. He was in his late 70’s and had been released on parole, but had no place to parole to for 2 years. In May he got very sick and spent a month in the hospital and care facilities. Harry passed away June 1. We believe that God brought Harry here to witness Christ’s love through the family of Adullam and are thankful he did not die alone in prison.

Once again, without planning or seeking, we were asked to rent 2 new locations. Which, at the same time, needs for the housing was presented to us, so by faith, we have signed leases for both. One for a woman and her child and one for an offender that could not find rent. (It’s very difficult to find places that will rent to offenders) With all these residents, we furnish and supply all the household needs though donations and gifts from the church.

We now stand at 22 beds for men 4 for women and subleasing 5. We are also taking men from Shelby and Great Falls as well as Montana State Prison.


Report_from_Adullam_House_Ministries (3) Adullam House Ministries May 2017 Accounts