2022 Year-End Testimony

We end 2022 and begin another year, grateful for His leading as we don’t know what the future holds.

And yet, we rejoice in what we’ve further learned of our King Jesus Christ as we continue to experience His faithfulness. At the end of 2022, we were asked to rent another house. We were grateful to witness, yet again, God provide money, furnishings and painters, as well as men to live in the new home. And we continue to trust Him with the continual arising needs.

Our hope continues to be that people put their trust in Christ alone.

We are not simply praying for converts that verbally assent to Christ’s existence, death and resurrection.

We continue to pray for evidence of Life in the lives of those that claim to follow Christ. We pray that each person that is brought through our homes as well as those that serve the homes and the people living in them, witness the Living God providing and working in each of our lives as we depend on Him each day.

As we bring needs before Him daily, we continue to learn that each situation is not just a problem to be solved by God according to our requests, but that in bringing our requests and needs before Him, the Holy Spirit reveals our ever deepening need of a Savior while reminding us that God will continue to provide for and sustain what he built, moment by moment, day by day.

For we lack nothing.

Your support, those of you that give occasionally and those of you that give monthly, (even if just a small amount), are our consistent reminder, that God is sovereign, and continues to provide – moving people to give, and to pray.

Our lives are not our own, as we live day by day, each a working part of the body of Christ, with Christ as our Head.

Thank you for thinking of us, praying for us and supporting us.