Mission Statement

Our commission, and guiding principle:

The Father so loved the world, He gave His Son, Jesus. Jesus so loved the Father, He came to do His Will. He divested Himself completely to solely reveal Who the Father is, so we may know Him; even to the point of washing our feet before He suffered and died on the cross.

For HeĀ is the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world.

The Father so loves the Son for this that He exalts His name and glorifies Him above all. The Holy Spirit, reveals, expresses and facilitates this to us.

So all of Adullam must be either revealing the Father, as expressed through Jesus, or the glorification of Jesus, (all done by the Holy Spirit). We must be guided by nothing else.

Therefore, qualifications for ministry is knowing the Father; loving Him with all our mind, heart, strength and soul, the first great commandment. And ministry itself is by the Holy Spirit modeling that loving relationship to our brothers and sisters, the second greatest commandment.

We shall do all this by faith alone, rejecting all worldly means, methods, and priorities. We only seek to do the above principle by means of the Holy Spirit and nothing else. He alone can reveal the Father and by the Father, Exalt Jesus. He needs no worldly means to do so.