2018 Year End Summary

We would like to thank those who supported us with a financial donation last year. We feel incapable of explaining the answer to prayer your support was. Not only did God use you to meet our financial needs, He used your action to encourage us, teach us more of how He provides as our Father, and draw us even more into full dependence on Him. Your donation was another reminder, an encouragement of how God is the same, faithful, Living God.

Our hearts hunger for Him: to know more of Him, to learn His ways, and to witness His care and provision through each day.

As we end another year and reflect back, we are amazed at how God continues to wonderfully lead, day by day, and to provide for each need.
We don’t seek to build a system to address the problems in our society, we don’t seek to fix behavior or to fill empty lives; we wait on Him and deal with what He places in front of us, trusting Him to teach us, give words to speak, and protect us.

This year, God set things in motion that resulted in two more houses, one with 8 beds for men, and one with 3 more beds for women. That brings us to a total of 15 houses, 12 for men (40 beds) and 3 for women (9 beds).

As we witness His direction in putting new houses within Adullam, we realize our ever-deepening dependence on Him. We are to the point where we are dependent on Him for everything: financial needs, who He brings, how to address the specific needs, and in how we are overwhelmed by our own inabilities. He is the only One that can sustain us each day.

Like John 6:67-69, we have come to know that He is the Holy One and there is nowhere else to go. We are seeing that we have nothing else to rely on, nothing else that gives security, nowhere else to find anything of value, except know Him, trusting Him.

Each day we have to go to Him to lead us and show us what to do in each situation because we have been brought past the point of relying on our own abilities. To be dependent in this way has been most difficult but yet extremely satisfying; in being privileged to see God work, provide and make ways that would have been impossible had we been leaning on our own understanding.

In spending time with Him and seeing how He is faithful in these ways we get to see how He is trustworthy to provide for these needs and He is also trustworthy and caring for us individually as a loving Father. Which draws our spirit to desire more intimacy with Him and longing for His Kingdom. We’re not looking to be involved in some specific ministry or service we can do, but we hunger to know Him and be awed by His wonderful ways.